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Collaboration is essential, wherever we are...

Empowering teams with collaboration capabilities.

Effectively connecting your workforce together requires a full suite of communication capabilities and collaborative tools. Microsoft Teams is the world leader in making this happen.

NetMonkeys is constantly researching, adapting, and developing how our clients can make the most of this powerful and user-friendly platform. 

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The hybrid working revolution.

You don’t need us to remind you how the modern workplace environment has shifted in recent times. Microsoft Teams has the most secure and effective tools to meet the challenges that this has brought to businesses of all sizes. 

Sharing, collaborating, calling, and meeting are all represented in the most user-friendly way with the flexibility to use the application on any device, from anywhere.

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What are the features of Microsoft Teams?

File Sharing

Video and Voice Calls

Screen Sharing

Video Conferencing

Apps and Workflows

Privacy and Security

Streamline your workflow with integrations.

The level of integration within Teams is another outstanding feature that can adapt and streamline your workflow. Third-party applications can be catered for to ensure that your team is working in a way that suits your individual needs. With so many categories there really is an app for everything covering Productivity, Project Management, Social, Communication, Meetings and Scheduling, Data Visualisation & BI and so many more to choose from.

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Collaborate. Meet. Call. Chat.

Teams brings your organisation together.

At NetMonkeys, we dedicate our efforts to maximising the use of Microsoft tools, including implementing all manner of Microsoft Teams applications and integrations. This gives us a great platform to be able to share with all of our clients.

If you are brand new to Teams or want to optimise how your company uses it, get in touch with us below and we will guide you through the next steps.

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