Cyber Essentials

A proactive way to keep your business protected...

Digital security has to become a cultural foundation.

As technology and applications develop at high speed so do the threats they encourage. According to government data, cyber-attacks cost the UK economy around £10 billion every year. They estimate that seven out of 10 companies will be affected by a serious breach or as a result of these attacks. Whatever you cannot prevent, you have to plan for immediately.

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Get the seal of approval.

Obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification will provide your business with a seal of approval for a government-backed Cyber scheme.

Cyber Essentials will ensure your business operates with a new standard of Cyber protection whilst supporting your staff in an ongoing digital protection programme.

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Cyber Academy and Cyber Awareness training.

The NetMonkeys Cyber Academy courses & Cyber Awareness services are vital tools that offer proactive support in a rapidly changing landscape for data security.

It represents the best in class for supported resilience, training, and learning that ensures you have a holistic and 360 degrees cyber essentials strategy.


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The NetMonkeys Cyber Academy

Multifactor Authentication

Two Step Verification processes

Password Creation & Maintenance

Data Back Up Best Practice

Data Recovery Strategy

Malware & Virus Recognition

Continuous Phishing & Scam Vigilance

Scam & Phishing Simulators

Education and prevention.

The role of education and prevention for an organisation's users is often overlooked in a company’s response to cyber threats. Contact us below to see how the NetMonkeys Cyber Academy can become an integral part of your staff onboarding and development plans.

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