Sustainable Solutions for TEP’s Internal Environment

The Background

TEP, an award-winning environmental consultancy, had been leveraging SharePoint v13 on-premises for its project management and collaboration. Recognising the limitations of their current setup and the potential benefit of cloud-based solutions, TEP sought to migrate to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.

The Challenge

Current setup causing a lag in productivity.

TEP faced disruption with their on-premises SharePoint v13: 

1. Complexities and inefficiencies in their existing setup. 

2. Frequent downtimes and unreliable connections to SQL. 

3. Sluggish performance affecting productivity. 

Considering the vast scope of migration, including 10,000 historic sites and 1,000 active sites, meant the project required a seamless transition without any operational downtime.

The Goal

Beyond a simple migration.

To undertake a full transformation harnessing the complete potential of SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 tools. 

The Solution

Bring in the troop.

With our profound expertise in Microsoft 365 migrations and IT solutions, Netmonkeys were chosen as the strategic partners to walk TEP through the move.

The Process

Steps to success.

A break-down of our migration strategy: 

1.  Migration of Existing Data: While TEP took the lead in data migration, we provided invaluable assistance, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss. 

2. Modern Site Implementation: Leveraging SharePoint Online’s modern sites for enhanced performance and future-proofing. 

3. SQL Dependency Reduction: Transitioning from a SQL-heavy setup to a more streamlined SharePoint Online environment. 

4. Focus on Key Projects: Prioritising the migration of TEP1 projects, Homes England, and Client Portals to SharePoint Online. 

5. Permissions & Navigation: A deep dive into user permissions, groups, and navigation to ensure a secure yet user-friendly environment. 

6. Integration with Other Microsoft 365 Tools: While the immediate focus was on SharePoint, the design ensured compatibility with future integration of tools like Microsoft Teams. 

The Execution

Action to make it happen.

The migration was meticulously planned and executed in phases: 

Phase 1: Template site setup, including walkthroughs, documentation of existing setups, redesigning of site indexes, and creation of new sites and templates. 

Phase 2: The actual migration and go-live, including building the live system, assisting TEP with content migration, and providing support during the transition. 

Throughout, NetMonkeys provided continuous support, training, and expertise, ensuring that TEP's team was well-equipped to harness their new platform's capabilities. 

The Outcome

Reaping the benefits.

Post-migration, TEP experienced: 

Enhanced Reliability: The issues of downtimes and unreliable SQL connections were a thing of the past. 

Boosted Performance: Faster load times and smoother operations significantly improved user experience and productivity. 

Streamlined Operations: The new setup was simpler, more intuitive, and offered advanced features, making daily operations more efficient. 

Future-proofing: The new environment was not only robust but also scalable, ensuring TEP was ready for future growth and technological advancements. 

The Conclusion

Transformation upon reflection

TEP’s decision to migrate to SharePoint Online, with NetMonkeys as their implementation partner, marked a pivotal moment in their digital transformation journey. The successful migration not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned TEP for sustained success in an increasingly digital world.