Calibri has been the default font for Microsoft users since 2007, replacing the 'legibility king' Times New Roman that first appeared in The Times of London newspaper in 1932. Even though the shift from Calibri may feel like an unnecessary redesign for some, the update feels representative of an improved, more modern Microsoft and with 2021 being a year of absolute change, it feels fitting for Microsoft to present us with an original, fresh new look after using the same default for over 14 years.

Just as Microsoft has kept Times New Roman as a font of choice, the same goes for Calibri so fans won't have to say their final goodbyes. According to the Microsoft Design Team, the new fonts will take the style of sans-serif, spanning—humanist, geometric, swiss-style, and industrial, and they have asked for the world's opinion across social platforms on which is preferred. So what are the new choices, and which one would you choose?