In The Beginning…

NetMonkeys created a business platform for CATAX Solutions Ltd that revolutionised their company process.

It saves time, delivers secure access to company data, and provides a framework for continual business development.

As a result, CATAX has been the UK’s market leader in Capital Allowance Consultancy for over five years.

Capital Allowance is a form of UK tax relief for commercial property owners.

Due to the complexity of the process, it’s often ignored by accountants and ultimately billions of pounds remain unclaimed.

CATAX provides the knowledge, expertise, and experience that allows commercial property owners to access this hidden value.

They rely on information and data for their success.

Multiple kinds of documents need to be created, edited, and shared by multiple different sources for every case and claim.

The Solution

Understanding and mapping the entire claim process allowed NetMonkeys to create, develop, and configure the best business applications and technology for the solution.

Storage was the initial focus.

An infrastructure was built that confidently handles all of the claim process data and information to make it an entirely digital system.

Accessibility and visibility were then addressed.

Viewpoints into the system were created for every role in the process.

CATAX staff, surveyors, accountants, solicitors & agents can access the system to see exactly the information they require to complete their tasks.

Furthermore, the creation, editing, and sharing of documents are completed in a safe and secure environment making valuable business data visible only to those that have permission.

Business Development and Growth were considered at every step.

Models for hierarchies of Franchises and agents were built in from the beginning to allow the rapid addition of users to the system.

Complex and versatile reporting is also available that encourages CATAX to innovate and adapt to market forces and trends.

The Value

The CATAX strategy was to take the industry by storm and quickly grab market share before their competitors could enter.

Maintaining that position in the industry would require a commitment to development and investment.
The system we created adds value to this strategy in a number of ways.

  1. It was successfully used as a sales tool for CATAX to recruit the agents that would be essential to their continued growth.
  2. The unified platform it supplies is perfect to conduct business to business processes in a transparent and auditable manner.
  3. The task-based nature of the system hugely reduces the time to complete claims. This means that fewer admin resources are needed and it also allows faster cash flow to be realised for the funding of further development.
  4. Accreditations, partnerships, and endorsements from folks such as ICAEW and The Law Society were secured by demonstrating the system.
  5. The ultra-efficient service that claimants receive is exemplary, negating the effect of postponed or cancelled claims.

External to the system is the value that NetMonkeys bring to CATAX as a partner, operating as a watchtower for business applications and technology for both their business and industry.

We are always at their table.

The Potential

The CATAX system needed to have an ultra-reliable and durable foundation in order to assist the company’s entrance into the market.

However, it will be the agility and flexibility of the system that enables its full potential to be realised.

Changes, amendments, and new features are encouraged through regular performance meetings involving NetMonkeys, CATAX, and external users.

Maximising user adoption of the system uncovers areas of improvement that can only arise through consistent use. And having NetMonkeys acting as in-house consultants and architects of the system allows these improvements and changes to be applied in the quickest and most considered way.

The aggregate of marginal gains will greatly support the continued success of CATAX as a business. The system we have created allows for the measurement of incremental improvements in a live environment through bespoke reporting.

Using the data available to create new and innovative reports will also help in the prediction of future patterns for the business and continue to strengthen CATAX’s position as a market leader that creates industry standards.