#Pledge For Parity

8th March 2016

International Women’s Day 2016

To celebrate International Women’s Day we thought it would most appropriate to let you know how NetMonkeys is researching ways of addressing the gender gap in Business Applications Technology.

We attended the https://twitter.com/girlsintechnw event at Salford University on Monday 29 February.

And it was a great way to spend the year’s extra evening.

The main thing that stood out is that there is a really exciting and supportive scene in Manchester for woman in tech.

It seems that if you wanted to, you could attend a meet up or event most nights with our very own Northern Quarter being the digital heartland.

From Ladies that UX, to MCR Girl Geeks and She says MCR – there is something for everyone.


It also appears that educators are recognising that the industry is moving more quickly than many of our traditional institutions can keep up with in terms of adequately equipping our young people with the skills that are increasingly in demand in our digital landscape.  The brand new University Technical College(UTC) based in Media City which takes students from the age of 14 and focuses on their future employability, helping them to develop professional digital and media skills alongside your typical academic curriculum.  They give the students hands-on, practical experience TV & Film, Graphics & Design, Radio & Audio, and Interactive Media & Gaming.


Similarly, Northcoders, a start-up based at the Sharp Project, have recognised the need to try and meet the increasing demand from employers for developers.  In addition to some coding taster courses, they offer an intensive 13-week programme in Javascript, and so confident are they that these students will get a job straight after completing the course, that they will refund their tuition fees if they don’t.  When they realised that their April cohort was beginning to look entirely male they offered four scholarship places for girls in order to address the imbalance.

We love that.


Much of the questions on the evening focussed on how to spark the interest of our young woman of school age.  We came across this lovely video which we think shows a creative approach to this very problem http://www.ted.com/talks/linda_liukas_a_delightful_way_to_teach_kids_about_computers


“Software is the interface to our imagination”.  Nice innit?


We’re looking forward to the next event.