One Small Step

15th January 2016

On the 21st July 1969 Neil Armstrong Set foot on the surface of the moon.

This is still the greatest technological achievement us humans have managed in our entire history.

The woman in the picture is Margaret Hamilton – the leader of the Software Development team responsible for guiding the module to safely go where no one had ever gone before – and that big pile is her pioneering code.

A full 47 years on  – the gender gap for women in the tech world remains surprisingly prominent.

A recent study showed that men outnumber women by five to one on The University of Manchester’s Computer Science Undergraduate course. One of the major reasons for this is a clear lack of opportunities for women in the Business Applications & Technology world when their studies end.

Please allow us to introduce our new Business Development Manager – Siân Brown.
We are delighted to have Siân as part of our team and are very excited about the changes and innovations she will bring to both you as customers and us as a business.

Here is a blog Siân has written as a way of introduction – please take a moment to read and learn more about her. Siân is keen to make NetMonkeys address the gender gap in our industry and will ensure that those opportunities are always available through us.

We may not be going to the moon.
We may not be making a giant leap.

…but it’s One Small Step.