NetMonkeys of the World, Unite!

18th November 2016

NetMonkeys is determined to find the best talent.

Technology can be a uniting force in the world.

More and more it is a common language that the world speaks, learns and develops together.

It seems appropriate then that our team is comprised of folks that have joined us from places other than our lovely Manchester Tech bubble.

With that in mind, please allow us to give you our long overdue introduction to Gaëtan  – one of our brightest and finest developers.


Hi I’m Gaëtan,

I hail from the history rich region of Lorraine, in France.

I’ve always been interested in computers and technology in general so it was without doubt that I went to university to study computer science.

After a couple of years in the university of Lorraine, and an Erasmus semester in the university of Limerick, Ireland, I decided to take my bachelor degree to England and work there!

After a couple of months of settling, I sent my CV to  NetMonkeys in hope of getting hired and, spoiler alert, it worked!

That is how I started my professional life on the 16th of November 2015.

One year later and I’m still here and happy.

Finally, as most people ask me, my English comes from a lot of practice (Watching films, TV shows and playing games in a foreign language totally counts as practice) and speaking with as many native speakers as I could through video and chat!

See you around!