Digital Transformation for The Live Music Industry

NetMonkeys connects people & technology to make the Live Music Experience simpler for all involved.

We are working with Promoters, Ticket Agents, Venues & Guests to Digitally Transform the industry in an innovative, efficient and valuable way. 



Our Beel platform has been created for the Live Music Industry following years of research and experience. Through its applications, vital information is shared quickly, safely and securely between all stakeholders.


The platform powers an online Tour Management System for promoters that dramatically reduces admin tasks with enhanced collaboration and communication between departments.


A venue portal allows the instant transfer of information between promoter and venue in both directions.


Reps in the field can see all relevant show information and documents whilst instantly adding, amending and sharing any updates with all parties.


Engagement & Interaction with customers is optimised with opportunities for incredible User Experiences through mobile technology and ticketing.


Information & figures from all relevant third party sources are collected instantly to deliver sophisticated live reporting and analytic capabilities.


This is a platform for a truly collaborative ecosystem that maximises efficiency, encourages innovation and gets everybody talking to each other in the most simple and productive way.


"NetMonkeys speak to us in a language we understand"

Rob Ballantine – SJM Concerts



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