Manufacturing 365 Success for Invopak

6th July 2016

In The Beginning…

Invopak is the UK & Ireland’s number one packaging container supplier focused on:

‘Delivering Our Customer’s Products to Market with Confidence’

NetMonkeys recognised that Invopak was growing rapidly with users being added across a number of sites.

As a result, multiple physical versions of Microsoft Office had been assigned across the company on many devices in many locations.

This inevitably led to issues with version and file compatibility along with a number of licensing concerns.

Aligning the IT services and business applications for every user had to be a business priority.



The Solution

NetMonkeys identified a company-wide implementation of Microsoft Office 365 as the perfect way forward for Invopak.

The E3 licensing plan offered a solution for Invopak that would ease problems immediately and offer the perfect foundation for additional cloud applications in the future.

NetMonkeys knowledge and experience of Office 365 migrations gave the Invopak board confidence that the project would be completed in the most efficient manner with negligible downtime for users.

Invopak’s relationship with NetMonkeys is built on two vital factors; the trust that they have in our ability and their own understanding that ‘The Companies who adopt the best technology always win’


The Value

The Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan delivers exceptional business value for Invopak across a number of areas.

  • Cost – there is an immediate reduction in IT cost benefit through monthly subscriptions.
  • Mobile Working – users can access their accounts from any device in any location.
  • Compatibility and Collaboration – all users are working from the same versions of Office applications making collaboration simple.
  • Availability – 365 services are guaranteed with 99.9% up time guaranteed by an SLA.
  • Support – the maintenance and support of cloud solutions is simplified without physical onsite servers.
  • Storage  – along with 1TB of personal One Drive storage, every user’s mailbox is now 50GB eliminating the need for any archiving and making searches for important legacy emails simpler.
  • Security – Invopak’s user data is safe in five layers of security of Microsft’s cloud without the potential failure of on- site servers.

It was evident that this project would be the beginning of Invopak’s long term vision for their business. Working with NetMonkeys Develop & Assist to create a road map of how this vision would be realised and supported by business technology will be a crucial step for the company.


The Potential

As part of every solution that NetMonkeys create, develop and configure, the potential for future success is considered as a major factor.

The flexibility of 365 licensing allows users to be added inexpensively with budgeting for staff recruitment becoming a clearer and simpler process.

As the Microsoft Office applications are uniformly updated, users will develop and train at the same rate to ensure that collaboration and output becomes more streamlined.

NetMonkeys is adamant that the most important resource for any business is its people.

Solutions such as Office 365 charge a company’s people with the tools and power to make huge improvements in tasks and processes.

New applications, rolled out to 365 users, such as Yammer and Delve have already had a great positive impact within Invopak through user adoption and influence. It is precisely this kind of applied thinking and working that will allow the true potential of the company to be realised with NetMonkeys always on hand to consult and support through business technology.